Selfie Monopod CL-01 Selfie Stick

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  • PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS OF SELFIE STICK SMART PHONE MONOPOD CL-01• Open the self timer stick packing box to safety remove the product and check if the product is in good condition.• First mobile phone bracket in the direction of the arrow by 90 degrees. And then gently hold the ends of a telescopic rod stretched out.• Gently removed by hand placed in the holder groove in the headphone cable plug, insert the phone headset hole, you can directly open the phone camera mode, press the Aperture camera to take pictures.• First bent to a certain degree of mobile phone bracket, and then hold the other end of the telescopic rod connecting the head to the top part of the hard objects, so that a gradual contraction of the telescopic rod together.• Will headphone plug back into the help of mobile phone bracket groove, and then rotate the mobile phone bracket 90 degrees to recover, you can complete the storage state.


Selfie Monopod CL-01 Selfie Stick

Wired Self-Timer Camera With 3.5mm Audio, No Need To Connect Bluetooth. Android ,iOS Universal Wired Self Timer, For IOD530 or Above, And Android 4.3 Or Later Mobile Phone(Android Phone Before The volume Key Set As The Sutter Button).When Used Directly Into The Phone Line Audio Port. You Can Control The Phone To Take Pictures, Easy To Use Simple, No Charge.

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Selfie Monopod CL-01 Selfie Stick

780.00৳ 799.00৳  (-2%)